Healing Strategies For The Genius

This book places life-changing tools for mental, spiritual, and physical health in your hands. Authored by three professionals who realized through their years of practice that prescription medication is not the answer for every illness, Healing Strategies for the GENIUS offers strategies to bring you into healthy balance from cell to soul.

Our generation is experiencing an alarming rise in mental health diagnoses and physical illness in children and adults. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer remain all-too-familiar disablers, and medical professionals are seeing them in their patients at younger ages. Many aspects of these conditions are rooted in lifestyle and stress. Traditional medicine addresses the symptoms of these problems, but not always the root causes. Healing Strategies for the GENIUS targets the origin of the issue.

Lori Richardson, LCSW, Chrys Brennan, MA, RDN, and Lynne Grace, LCSW are professionals bound by the ethical and scientific standards of their professions. Through years of experience and practice, they have found consistent and effective strategies to reduce stress and promote positive changes in lifestyle that result in better mental, physical, and emotional health. They share these simple paths to better health with you in this For the GENIUS® book.

Expect the unexpected in this untraditional mind-body-spirit book. It addresses healing the minds of children and adults with simple mental practices to reprogram brain pathways and patterns and maximize the power of the brain with nutrition and exercise. Unleash the brain’s healing ability with meditation and develop awareness of the spirit. This book is a trilogy of healing information from the knowledge and experience of diverse practitioners who have witnessed amazing transformations in their clients.

Healing Strategies for the GENIUS is the compendium of experience of its three authors. Based on mainstream and effective practices, its authors bring you the best of their effective techniques with their clients in actual practice.

Whether you are interested in Healing Strategies for the GENIUS for yourself or a loved one, considering avenues to get healthy, or simply staying healthy, expect the unexpected in its fast-reading and engaging pages. And be prepared to come away with ideas and inspiration to improve your overall health and wellness regardless of where you are today.

About “For the GENIUS” Books

Since this is a For the GENIUS® book, it is down to earth and pragmatic. It is written in an upbeat, conversational style that you’ll instantly connect with. You’ll find the fun and useful sidebars sprinkled throughout especially helpful and relevant. This and all For the GENIUS books are written as comprehensive guides to complex subjects for beginners as well as for those seeking a refresher. You don’t have to be a genius to read one, but you’ll sure be smarter once you do!™

Healing Strategies For The Genius
Author Lori Richardson

Author Lori Richardson

Lori is a therapist and a licensed clinical social worker. She specializes in the neuroscience of rewiring brain pathways and reprogramming for new thought, feelings, and behaviors.
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