Cuba’s Ozone Therapies: Oxygen Heals

This is my third blog on Cuban healing modalities, I am having so much fun. Now I have learned about more treatments for cancer, hearing loss, circulation problems, infections, Glaucoma, cancer, and an endless list of other ailments found here in the excerpts and article from Dr. Robert Bowen, an expert on Ozone, Oxygen Therapies and AntiAging. Dr. Bowen highlights the success of Cuba’s Sylvia Mendendez, PhD., in her use of ozone therapies.  Dr. Bowen shares his own experiences as well, “With more oxygen in tumors, they behave less aggressively and with less metastases.” He continues, “Years ago in Alaska, I treated a patient with bladder cancer with bladder ozone. He had been having recurrences every few months. As long as he was getting intermittent ozone bladder instillations, he remained recurrence free!” Dr. Mendendez’s use of ozone with Alzheimers and Dementia is incredible. “Dr. Menendez says almost all cases of memory loss will respond to ozone! Here’s the surprising reason: These disorders have an EXCESS of nitric oxide (NO). Ozone therapy modulates (or balances) NO. That means when you’re deficient, ozone increases it, and when you have an excess, it reduces it.” For more information on ozone machines, clink on Bowen’s article below.

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Has anyone used Vimang to Cure Cancer, HIV, Wrinkles or Psoriasis?

Hi, anyone out there ever used Vimang, known as a Cuban cancer cure, HIV fighter, skin healer, wrinkle smoothing healer from the mango tree? We are all on edge (me, myself and I) and hopefully some others! Waiting to hear, how was your experience with Vimang, and what ailment did you use it for? Please share your rating here. I’ve never used it before and I feel tempted to give it a 10, just based on the stories I read, especially the one about the 15 year old with a brain tumor, said to now be 44. According to his mother, her son’s cancer (even the U.S. returned him to Cuba saying he couldn’t be cured) disappeared after he was treated with Vimang (see the article in the blog, A Cuban Cancer Cure also Fights HIV?) I’ll try to buy some Vimang when I visit Cuba this spring, it is said to be underproduced compared to the demand. I hope I find it, I”ll let you know if my hard-earned wrinkles disappear. This article by the Washington Post,With Drugs Scarce, Cuba tries Natural Cures. Alternative-Medicine Clinics Provide Herbs and Homeopathic Remidies explores the climate in which Vimang was discovered: empty medical shelves and a lack of modern synthetic drugs sparked Cuba’s search for natural cures. In some respects, they’re lucky. In an ironic twist, their scarcity led to abundance in...

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A Cuban Cancer Cure also Fights HIV?

The deal I made with myself when I began writing a blog is this: I only write if I want to, and only about topics that so deeply pull me in, I cannot resist. Today, I nudged myself to write, however, I wasn’t feeling the pull. What would really tantalize me? The idea of discovering a secret miracle cure while we’re in Cuba. My 13 year old son and his best friend have no idea what they’re in for, traveling with curious me–to Cuba! I’ll meet locals, hopefully great grandparents who hold the deepest treasures known to ancestors of yesteryear. What will la tierra, the land, and her people, reveal to me in the short time we’re there? What natural cures might she hold? Could I possibly meet just the right person at just the right time and learn of such medicinal magic? I could contact my Cuban friend’s aunt, arrange to meet her, communicate ahead of time, make it very organized, the opposite of where my heart strings tug. Serendipity is the way to go…I’ll just show up in Cuba and meet who I am meant to meet. But I couldn’t help but peek! Just a tiny bit of research…what might be there? The bark of mango trees?! My favorite fruit may hold answers to questions worldwide. My passionate mood expands even more when I open one of...

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