mango tree

The Cuban cancer cure, Vimang, comes from the mango tree bark.

Hi, anyone out there ever used Vimang, known as a Cuban cancer cure, HIV fighter, skin healer, wrinkle smoothing healer from the mango tree? We are all on edge (me, myself and I) and hopefully some others! Waiting to hear, how was your experience with Vimang, and what ailment did you use it for? Please share your rating here. I’ve never used it before and I feel tempted to give it a 10, just based on the stories I read, especially the one about the 15 year old with a brain tumor, said to now be 44. According to his mother, her son’s cancer (even the U.S. returned him to Cuba saying he couldn’t be cured) disappeared after he was treated with Vimang (see the article in the blog, A Cuban Cancer Cure also Fights HIV?) I’ll try to buy some Vimang when I visit Cuba this spring, it is said to be underproduced compared to the demand. I hope I find it, I”ll let you know if my hard-earned wrinkles disappear.

This article by the Washington Post,With Drugs Scarce, Cuba tries Natural Cures. Alternative-Medicine Clinics Provide Herbs and Homeopathic Remidies explores the climate in which Vimang was discovered: empty medical shelves and a lack of modern synthetic drugs sparked Cuba’s search for natural cures. In some respects, they’re lucky. In an ironic twist, their scarcity led to abundance in health. Afterall, they don’t have the benzo/opioid/pain medication/heroin epidemic that we, in the United States, have. Right? Forced to use ancient and original curative strategies, in some respects, sounds like heaven to me.

Excerpts from link below:

“But alternative medicine has many supporters in Cuba. ‘Natural medicine is less toxic and has a medical basis. The most important thing is that it has scientific application,’ said Juventino Acosta, director of the clinic here in Matanzas, a port city 60 miles east of Havana. ‘We do not accept anything that does not have a scientific basis.'”

“In this Clinic of Traditional and Natural Medicine in Matanzas, patients with circulatory problems place their hands and bare feet on large blocks of cobalt, a metallic element with supposedly curative properties. On another floor, a man receives acupuncture treatment, which — along with doses of pumpkin seed extract — is intended to shrink a tumor in his prostate. Elsewhere in the clinic, doctors extol the virtues of passion flower as a treatment for high blood pressure, basil and garlic for diabetes and music therapy for digestive problems.”