This is my third blog on Cuban healing modalities, I am having so much fun. Now I have learned about more treatments for cancer, hearing loss, circulation problems, infections, Glaucoma, cancer, and an endless list of other ailments found here in the excerpts and article from Dr. Robert Bowen, an expert on Ozone, Oxygen Therapies and AntiAging. Dr. Bowen highlights the success of Cuba’s Sylvia Mendendez, PhD., in her use of ozone therapies.  Dr. Bowen shares his own experiences as well, “With more oxygen in tumors, they behave less aggressively and with less metastases.” He continues, “Years ago in Alaska, I treated a patient with bladder cancer with bladder ozone. He had been having recurrences every few months. As long as he was getting intermittent ozone bladder instillations, he remained recurrence free!” Dr. Mendendez’s use of ozone with Alzheimers and Dementia is incredible. “Dr. Menendez says almost all cases of memory loss will respond to ozone! Here’s the surprising reason: These disorders have an EXCESS of nitric oxide (NO). Ozone therapy modulates (or balances) NO. That means when you’re deficient, ozone increases it, and when you have an excess, it reduces it.”

For more information on ozone machines, clink on Bowen’s article below.