cuba street

Cuban pharmacies carry natural healing remedies

The deal I made with myself when I began writing a blog is this: I only write if I want to, and only about topics that so deeply pull me in, I cannot resist. Today, I nudged myself to write, however, I wasn’t feeling the pull. What would really tantalize me? The idea of discovering a secret miracle cure while we’re in Cuba. My 13 year old son and his best friend have no idea what they’re in for, traveling with curious me–to Cuba! I’ll meet locals, hopefully great grandparents who hold the deepest treasures known to ancestors of yesteryear. What will la tierra, the land, and her people, reveal to me in the short time we’re there? What natural cures might she hold? Could I possibly meet just the right person at just the right time and learn of such medicinal magic? I could contact my Cuban friend’s aunt, arrange to meet her, communicate ahead of time, make it very organized, the opposite of where my heart strings tug. Serendipity is the way to go…I’ll just show up in Cuba and meet who I am meant to meet. But I couldn’t help but peek! Just a tiny bit of research…what might be there? The bark of mango trees?! My favorite fruit may hold answers to questions worldwide.

My passionate mood expands even more when I open one of my favorite Richard Bach books, Hypnotizing Maria. I’ve read this book a hundred times. I open to any random page and whatever quote soars out at me is always the perfect one for the day. I open, and there is a quote I never noticed before. Now I am feeling intoxicated by this whole experience, the Cuban mysteries, this perfectly aligned quote.

“What’s in front of the audience is the play of suggestions become belief become visible, ideas become stone to believers.”

If healing is the theme of your life play (or it needs to be,) and you were to believe in Earth’s natural suggestions being presented, what would this mean for you or your loved ones?

Wait a minute…! The article explains that Vimang, this healing mango bark medicine, smooths wrinkles and slows the aging process? I have to find it while I’m there! I read the cream is only about 80 cents. Wow, to experience true medicine, and so affordable. The first article below teaches of the cream version’s healing properties. The second, exposes the cancer-curing fame of Vimang, a medication said to draw bus loads of Europeans, Latin Americans, and slowly but surely…the Americans.

The healing properties of the mango bark to treat cancer, HIV and many skin disorders were originally shunned, according to the history of Vimang. Can you guess why?  I read that Cuban doctors are Western trained and initially, did not give credit to natural healing. Aren’t plants the origin of medicine anyway? How did medicine get so far away from it’s roots?